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Why Fogg and Not Us?

Our passion for researching and developing innovative journeys has led us to yet another feat. This time the destination is not in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, nor any one specific part of the world. So then, where?

The destination is our world - all of it and that too done in one continuous journey. It is our own concept of Around the World (or should it be Round the World?). The major feat for us was to develop this Around The World journey that allows considerable flexibility and at really affordable prices. It is to experience the diversity of our world in one journey.

As we read this newsletter this is being launched to members of the Bestway Club. It is an exciting way of completing your bucket list by visiting cities and countries that you have long wanted to visit and all this in one go and in comfort with pre arranged private services at each and every place. Add another feather by circumnavigating the world!

We invite you to see how you can do a Bestway’s Around the World Tour at a start up price from as low as US$ 9995.00 per person sharing!

Make this into a theme tour visiting your favorite countries, adding new ones to the ones you have already been to; see UNESCO World Heritage Sites; dine at the leading gourmet restaurants in the world; see the wonders of the world; visit the leading museums of the world; have a meal at several, if not all, of the revolving restaurants in the world, and a lot more. Create your own theme and we will work with you to achieve what you want.

CLICK HERE to know more?and you will see four interesting examples showing suggested routings, cities, duration and costs. Any one of these may be taken as is or used as a template to develop your own unique journey and choice of cities, continents, countries, travel dates, duration and activities you would like.

Make your own replay of Jules Verne’s famous novel, only this time it is you and not Fogg and the duration does not have to be 80 days.

Your Bestway team joins me in wishing you happy globe trotting!
Enjoy this newsletter as we give you more and more.


Mahmood Poonja Posted by Mahmood Poonja, Chief Explorer

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