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Ethiopia is the only country in Africa that has never been subject to a colonial power and its people have a proud tradition of fighting for their independence. The country is also unusual for its rich Orthodox Christian heritage, which the Ethiopians maintained even at a time when all of its neighbours embraced Islam in the 7th century. Wander through rock-hewn churches, the awe-inspiring landscape of the Rift Valley and meet people who will make you feel welcome.

Ethiopia: The Historic Route
Duration:15 days
Ethiopia, culturally one of the richest countries in Africa, has a lot to offer to lovers of indigenous and Judeo/Christian history.. Read More >>>
Ethiopia World Heritage Discovery
Duration:27 days
This is a journey to Abyssinia, the Ethiopia of olden times, and a discovery of the Ethiopia of today. In this tour we have the opportunity to explore not only the history of the people.. Read More >>>
Journey in Diversity
Duration:17 days

A Cultural tour & safari of Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda & UAE

Our Journey In Diversity starts off in ancient Abyssinia modern day Ethiopia โ€“ amongst the oldest civilisation centres in Africa. Here we traverse the famous Historic Route visiting Baher Dar, Gondar, Axum, Lalibela and Addis Ababa.. Read More >>>