Africa is an immensely rich and culturally diverse continent. Whilst each region offers it’s own individual peculiarity, we also find the countries that form the region all also offer again a very diverse culture. The West African Experience is an artistically tailored journey that allows us to immerse in this richness and to appreciate a region of Africa that is so little known of.

Discovery of Ghana, Togo & Benin
Duration:12 days

A Cultural tour & safari of Ghana, Togo & Benin

Our fantastic cultural odyssey takes us to the most remote regions of Ghana, Togo and Benin to discover lost tribal worlds guided by ancient spirits. Along the coast, in the heart of voodoo country, we visit practitioners, watch trance-dances and learn about the great influence voodoo spirits still have on people.. Read More >>>
Voodoo Festival: Togo, Benin & Ghana
Duration:12 days

A Cultural tour & safari of Togo, Benin & Ghana

January 10th is always a very special day in in Benin, a day for celebrating ancestral cults.  In particular all the Voodoo's adepts meet in Ouidah and then convey in a long procession to the Door of No Return, some on foot while others by motorbike or “taxi-brousse”.. Read More >>>
Millet & Akwasidae Festival: Ghana, Togo & Benin
Duration:12 days
The celebration of the Millet Festival, among the Krobo people, is an incredible feast, rich in colours and jewels, taking place every year during the harvest season.  We are very lucky: few days later we will attend the Akwasidae festival, in the greatest African golden kingdom: the Ashanti”.. Read More >>>