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The world’s fourth largest island known for its biodiversity unique wildlife and long coastline, Madagascar is probably the least of the visited islands. However, the island is home to the rare and interesting species of reptiles and animals that include Red-bellied Lemurs, the Indri, birds and the Aye-aye. This is the land of both natural and cultural attractions that few countries can offer.

Madagascar: From East to South
Duration:12 days

A Cultural Heritage & Photo Journey discovering with Peter Langer

Often referred to as the Eighth Continent, the island’s legendary uniqueness is best reflected by its plethora of amazing lemurs, colorful chameleons, endemic birds and fascinating baobabs, all of which combine to make for a truly exceptional safari.. Read More >>>
Indian Ocean Islands
Duration:19 days

A Cultural tour of Madagascar, Comoros, Mayotte, Mauritius, Rodriguez, Reunion & Seychelles

The Indian Ocean is home to a large variety of fascinating islands each of which is inhabited by peoples from Asia, Africa and Europe.. Read More >>>
Madagascar Photo Safari

Tour Closed

Duration:16 days

A Cultural Heritage & Photo Journey discovering with Peter Langer

An exciting 14 days Southern Africa safari – one that captures the wildlife, landscapes, peoples and cultures.. Read More >>>

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