Kalimantan & Bali's Heritage
Duration:10 days
new tour
A unique journey specially tailored to include Borneo’s famous orangutan sanctuaries in Kalimantan and a cultural tour focused on Bali’s unique heritage sites.. Read More >>>
World Heritage Sites of Indonesia
Duration:10 days
A journey to Indonesia is an experience of many different cultures. Our 10-day journey has been tailored to take you across a part of this huge archipelago to experience the diversity in history, culture, landscape, beliefs and traditions of this diverse country.. Read More >>>
World Heritage Sites of Indonesia
Duration:15 days
INDONESIA! With 18,307 islands, a journey to Indonesia is an experience of many different cultures. Every time one crosses one of the over 6000 inhabited islands.. Read More >>>
Indonesia's Sulawesi & New Guinea (Papua)
Duration:12 days
Amongst people who still practice ancient cultural traits are the Indonesian tribes of Toraja and Dani.. Read More >>>
Overland Jakarta to Bali
Duration:11 days
Out of some 17508 Islands that form Indonesia, Java is undoubtedly the richest and greenest.. Read More >>>
The Heritage of Bali: Ubud & Sanur
Duration:08 days
new tour
Cultural tour focused on Bali's unique heritage sites. We explore the multiple facets of Bali's arts, crafts, culture and the artistic Hindu temples at Ubud.. Read More >>>
Wastra: An Indonesian Textile Journey
Duration:18 days
new tour includes international air
Indonesia’s culture has been shaped by the long interaction between original indigenous customs and multiple foreign influences.. Read More >>>
Total Solar Eclipse Indonesia
Duration:13 days
new tour
Nearly a year after braving the frigid North Atlantic to observe a total eclipse of the Sun in March 2015, eclipse chasers can look forward to returning to tropical climes to observe the next total solar eclipse.. Read More >>>