Arabia has intrigued travellers for centuries. Today's Saudi Arabia has held on to its mystique by being incredibly difficult to visit. But it is worth coming here for the diverse desert landscapes and rugged mountain scenery, and some of the Middle East's best archaeological sites. Vast, complex and fascinating, Saudi Arabia has a rich collection of historical sites, such as the Nabatean remains of Madain Saleh and two of Islam's holiest cities - Mecca and Medina. Saudi Arabia is host to vibrant and thriving, oil as well as history-rich cities. Jeddah, for example is one of the few cities in the region to have built around, rather than over, its history.

Although it's definitely a modern metropolis, Jeddah is also the most interesting and friendly of Saudi Arabia's big cities. It has some great museums and one of the best souks (markets) in the kingdom, the spectacular Souk Al-Alawi, which winds its way through the old city. The Saudi people are deeply traditional and respectful to visitors and as always extend the greatest courtesy to the guests. Be amongst the first travellers from the West into Saudi Arabia in recent years with our journey into this fantastic kingdom.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been hidden “behind the veil” for many years. Throughout the decades, its people have had very limited contact with the non-Muslim world. This is a groundbreaking journey that very few individuals have embarked on..

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