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For Canadian Travellers
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For American Travellers
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Government of Canada Travel Advice
Travel Advice and Advisories

US State Department
Alerts and Warnings

Government of UK
Foreign travel advice

Government of Australia

Currency Converter
XE Currency Converter

World Weather

UNESCO World Heritage Sites
World Heritage List

World Heritage Tours
World Heritage

Destination Webinars
Learn more about our journeys and the countries & regions we serve. Over the years, we have organized a number of informative seminars over the Internet, called webinars. In these sessions we speak about select tours.
Balkan Mosaic
World Heritage Tours - Part I
World Heritage Tours - Part II
Indonesian Textile Journey
East Africa
India's World Heritage
Colombia: Narrated presentation
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Our Photographic and Musical Journeys
Enjoy a musical & photographic journey through the places we tour. Through the many images dissolving on the screen accompanied by a stunning soundtrack, you will almost get a feeling of having been there yourself.
The Caucasus
Madagascar I
Madagascar II
East Timor
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A Worry-Free Vacation: Preparing Your Home for Your Time Away
You really can’t be too careful in preparing your home before you leave it for a long period, and I think this does a great job of covering every aspect of home prep there is (and then some!).

18 things you forget on your vacation packing list
This covers a lot of basics for what you should pack anytime you travel, including a lot of items that are often forgotten.

The Ultimate Packing List
...And if you’re like me and are horrible at packing a suitcase no matter how long you’ll be gone, this printable checklist should be a big help!

How to Set Up Your Home to be a Rental Property
This is something my parents once looked into, and although they ultimately decided not to rent out their home, it may be a good option for travelers who will be gone for months at a time.

Take Him Along, or Leave Him Behind: Should Fido Come with you on your Road Trip?
Even though this talks about road trips specifically, it’s got a lot of sage advice for anyone who is considering traveling with a pet.

24 tips to prepare for a long-distance motorcycle ride
I’m not a motorcyclist so this is something that didn’t occur to me until it came up when I was searching online for travel information. I think it’s really good advice for those who are riding to their final destination.

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