Sri Lanka, or Ceylon as it was known for many years, is an ancient land with a recorded history that began around 4th century BC when people settled in Anuradhapura. The country boasts Seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites, all exquisite in the refinement of their art and architecture, influenced largely by Buddhism. History, however, is just one small part of what this country has to offer: Beautiful beaches and some of the most sumptuous retreats anywhere are found here. Head for the hill country to escape the heat of the plains, where the coast fades away to reveal gorgeous rolling hills carpeted with tea gardens. The entire island is teeming with bird life and exotics like elephants and leopards are not uncommon. Breathtaking landscapes, a calm yet dynamic culture and warm hospitality, are what you can experience on this island off the coast of India on our Sri Lanka tours. The civil war that raged in Sri Lanka since 1983 is finally coming to an end, due to bipartisan support for peace talks by the island's main political players. Southwestern Sri Lanka is safer now than it has been in years, and the rest of the country is re-opening to tourism quite quickly. Come experience the beauty of Sri Lanka on one of our Sri Lanka tours.

Sri Lanka, or Ceylon as it was known for many years, offers a breathtaking combination of stunning landscapes, a calm yet dynamic culture and warm hospitality..

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An Indian Ocean island going back to human history – almost to the time when it all began. Rich both in culture and archaeology, in scenic splendour and the very friendly people, Sri Lanka has offered to the world a lot..

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