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China is not so much another country as it is another world. The only foreigners it saw were visiting merchants from far-flung shores or uncivilized nomads from the wild steppe: peripheral, unimportant and unreal. Apart from a few ruling elites of Mongol and Manchu origin, who quickly became assimilated, China did not experience a significant influx of foreigners until the late nineteenth century, something which still colours the experience of today's visitors to China. It's a land of towering mountains and epic landscapes - background scenery to the fall of dynasties, the rise of emperors and the turning of the revolutionary wheel. From the exquisite palaces of Beijing to mysterious Tibet; from Xi'an's magnificent army of terracotta warriors to the epic landscapes along the legendary Silk Road; from the mighty Yangtse River to the modern cities on the East Coast, China is simply put irresistible. The swiftness of transformation is visible in every part of Chinese life; travellers who visited China as little as ten years ago are amazed to hear how much the country has opened up and how many more liberal trends have emerged as a result of a free market economy. For whatever reasons you are attracted to China - its history, art, culture, politics or simply its vastness - the speed at which things are changing will ensure that your trip is a unique one.

SouthEast Asia

Trans-Siberian Railway from Beijing to Moscow
Duration:15 days

Deluxe private train journey to China, Mongolia & Russia

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Experience one of the last great travel adventures. Journey along the Trans-Siberian Railway, one of the world’s most fascinating and safest train routes, on our luxurious private train “Tsar’s Gold”... Read more →

Silk Road: From Hunza to Samarkand
Duration:23 days

A Cultural tour of Pakistan, China, Kyrgyzstan & Uzbekistan

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The Silk Road was probably the most important development in human history, which brought close trading and subsequently.. Read more →

China: Forever Yangtze
Duration:14 days

A Cultural tour of China

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The Yangtze Rivers has been the bread of China - and it gorges crosses some of the most beautiful scenery not only in China but.. Read more →

Tibet Encounter
Duration:08 days

A Cultural tour of Tibet

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Tibet has been considered as being way off – in the middle of nowhere, inaccessible and very difficult to arrange a comfortable journey.. Read more →

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