The Federative Republic of Brazil is simultaneously South America’s largest country (by both population and geographical size) as well as one of its most diverse and fascinating. It is filled to the brim with intriguing people, plants and animals as well as liberal doses of history, religion, culture and sporting greatness. The most densely populated parts of Brazil are in the south-central regions, which include major urban conglomerates like Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Whilst most of South America speaks Spanish, Brazil the largest speaks Portuguese.

Best of Brazil
Duration:08 days

A Cultural tour of Brazil

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Brazil is associated with endless Amazon jungle, wonderful beaches, Rio de Janeiro, carnival and samba. But in reality, it offers much more than that..

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Best of South America
Duration:15 days

A Cultural tour of Peru, Brazil & Argentinal

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Experience South America’s most well-known highlights on this 15-day tour. We start in the beautiful colonial city of Lima, Peru’s capital, then head to the World Heritage city of Cusco, visit the Sacred Valley of the Incas, explore the ancient citadel of Machu Picchu and take in enchanting Lake Titicaca..

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