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Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia & Slovenia

The Balkans is a land of such great diversity and textures that one gets the blown up by the colors, cultures, hospitality, food and landscape. On our Balkans tours we trace the scene of medieval Europe with nationalities originating from Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia, Herzegovina and Slovenia. Not to forget that all these nationalities also had considerable influence from the long reign of the Ottoman Turks. Like many things bottled up, once released, they burst forth with passion and gusto rarely seen. This then is the Balkans. It is this churning energy and passion that will never be forgotten. Our Balkans tours offer a journey into medieval Europe at its best, relived.

Central Europe & Adriatic Cruise
Duration:15 days

A Cultural tour of Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary & Croatia

The Central European capitals of Prague. Vienna, Budapest and Zagreb offer an incredibly rich variety of art treasures, dating to the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque and modern times.. Read More >>>
Adriatic Cruise with Slovenia & Italy
Duration:12 days
On this-12-day tour you will enjoy a weeklong cruise, on board a small luxurious ship exploring a host of beautiful places in Croatia along the shimmering Adriatic Sea.. Read More >>>
Best of Bulgaria & Macedonia
Duration:11 days
Experience two little-known gems of the Balkans, Bulgaria and Macedonia, on this exciting 11-day cultural journey. Savour the Byzantine, Roman and Russian legacy of Sofia, then sample Bulgarian highlights such as Rila Monastery,.. Read More >>>
Balkan Mosaic
Duration:15/26 days

A Cultural tour of Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia & Slovenia

The Balkans are a region of stunning landscapes, great ethnic and cultural diversity, which is reflected in a variety of religions, cuisines, colorful costumes and traditions and above all true hospitality.. Read More >>>
Journey from Belgrade to Zagreb
Duration:11 days

A Cultural tour of Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia & Slovenia

Journey from Zagreb to Venice
Duration:14 days

A Cultural tour of Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia & Italy

This 14-day exciting journey will help us discover some of Europe’s most beautiful heritage cities: Kotor, Dubrovnik Split, Trieste and Venice.. Read More >>>
Croatia & Adriatic Cruise
Duration:10 days
This unique tour of Croatia combines a fascinating land tour with a luxury cruise. We start in Croatia’s capital, Zagreb and continue to the enchanting UNESCO World Heritage site of Plitvice Lakes.. Read More >>>
Adriatic & Balkans Cruise Tour
Duration:11 days
A unique cruise on the Adriatic combined with a tour of the Balkans. From the enchanting UNESCO World Heritage site of Plitvice Lake to the historical and charming city of Sarajevo we visit historical cities of Zadar,.. Read More >>>
Experience Slovenia
Duration:07 days
Located in southern Central Europe, Slovenia is located at the crossroads of main European cultural and trade routes. Slovenia has historically been the crossroads of West Slavic, South Slavic, Germanic, Romance, and Hungarian languages and culture.. Read More >>>
The Dalmatian Sunshine
Duration:09 days

A Cultural tour of Croatia & Slovenia

DALMATIAN COAST - Eastern Europe’s pride is as majestic in its beauty as it is in its historical and cultural attractions.. Read More >>>
Journey from Sarajevo to Zagreb
Duration:11 days

A Cultural tour of Bosnia, Croatia & Slovenia

The Balkans have for centuries been the newsmakers of Europe. The very active and rich history has been in the formation - from time immemorial till today.. Read More >>>