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Voodoo Festival: Togo, Benin & Ghana

January 10th is always a very special day in Benin, a day for celebrating ancestral cults.  In particular all the Voodoo's adepts meet in Ouidah and then convey in a long procession to the Door of No Return. Some do this on foot while others by motorbike or “taxi-brousse”.

Voodoo festival an annual event with many people from all over the country, people dancing, singing and enjoying


Where can I travel right now?

You asked, we answered! Travel is certainly possible right now, and can be done in a safe and responsible way. We’ve curated selection of countries that are currently open to tourists, whether you’re planning a last-minute journey or looking ahead to 2022.


Kierra's Blog

Starting in January 2022, Bestway team member Kierra Jones embarked on an extended journey to visit some of Bestway’s top destinations. In this series, she takes us step-by-step through her on-the-ground experiences and shares exactly what it’s like travelling, right now.

5 Jordan experiences that rival Petra

5 Jordan experiences that rival Petra

Jordan’s ‘Lost City’ of Petra is one of the world’s most famous archaeological sites. However, many would be hard-pressed to name other highlights of this small, Middle Eastern country.

On the ground in Jordan - Here’s why you should go

On the ground in Jordan - Here’s why you should go

It was by luck that I ended up in Jordan at all. My goal on this journey had been to avoid any countries with over-complicated entry processes as I eased my way back into travelling.

Why a Nile cruise was the highlight of our Bestway expert’s travels

Why a Nile cruise was the highlight of our Bestway..

Imagine this: you're woken up in your comfortable bed by sunlight streaming through your cabin's wall-to-wall window, greeted by the serene sights of rural Egypt as you drift along the River Nile.

Reporting from Egypt - What it's like to visit right now

Reporting from Egypt - What it's like to visit right now

Our guide said he had never seen the Pyramids of Giza so empty. Small groups wandered about, and a couple tour buses were parked in the lot, but the area felt uncrowded and peaceful.

Returning to travel - Our Bestway expert shares her experience

Returning to travel - Our Bestway expert shares..

When I set foot at YVR Vancouver International Airport for my first time since early 2020, I was excited—but also a little anxious about what to expect.


The Journeys in 2023

With the beginning of 2022, we find ourselves reflecting on what this year will bring. Over the last 2 years, we’ve learned that the world can change and what a change we all went through. We are hopeful that another change is in the making and soon we will be back to a better, safer, happier world. Here at Bestway, we remain curious to see how the next year will unfold. What will travel look like? What changes should we expect in the world of tourism now that vaccines have been rolled out? Since we don’t have a magic ball, we’ve been busy and focused on creating new experiences and adventures for our friends.


Journeys sans frontières since 1978

For more than 43 years, Bestway Tours & Safaris has been offering small group tours that bridge cultural divides through people-to-people contact. Specializing in “journeys without borders”, we have arranged thousands of tours, treks, safaris and expeditions around the world. Our tailored tours dive into the historic sites, natural beauty, native wildlife and unique culture of more than 90 destinations.

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