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During Bestway’s more than 40 years of arranging cultural journeys, the safety, security and comfort of our travellers has always been a top priority. As we plan for the return of travel, it will continue to be one of the most important aspects of our operations.
When you’re ready to travel again, we aim to be able to help you do so in a way that’s safe, responsible and stress-free.

Currently, Bestway is working diligently to ensure our tours are in alignment with the latest safety regulations and standards of the countries we travel to and other relevant authorities, including the World Health Organization.

We are closely monitoring safety developments in the destinations we serve, and receive regular updates from travel authorities, local governments and our suppliers. Below is a selection of measures that we are in the process of putting into place to ensure your future journey will be the safest possible.

Accommodation – We want the nights you spend in a foreign land to be stress-free. In the careful selection process of accommodation for our tours, we will be looking for those with high safety standards that have introduced enhanced sanitary measures and social distancing requirements in their rooms, dining facilities and common areas.

Touring Activities – We aim to facilitate all our touring activities in a safe and responsible way. Once touring activities resume, face masks will be provided and worn, and hand sanitizer provided as per requirement of the local government. Guides will be trained and experienced in implementing enhanced hygiene and distancing protocols. Visits to certain sites may be adjusted to promote physical distancing.

Transportation – We want your on-the-road travels to be completely comfortable. We will be putting protocols in place so that our tour vehicles undergo regular deep cleaning and disinfection. In some cases, vehicle capacity will be reduced.

Food – For many, delicious local food is a key part of the travel experience. Our selection process for restaurants on our tours will emphasize places with high-standard hygiene practices which offer more distanced options.

Group Size –  We have always prided ourselves on our small group sizes, which often range from only two to 12 people. We will continue to emphasize these smaller group sizes as we move forward. Most of our itineraries can also be taken as private journeys.

Our policies and practices will be evolving on an ongoing basis to meet the most current safety standards. As local and international regulations and recommendations change, we may also need to make corresponding changes to the activities or destinations included in our tours in order to comply. We will endeavour to keep our travellers regularly informed of any changes or updates.

Once we are able to resume travel, in order for Bestway to fulfill its responsibility in ensuring the safest journey possible, our travellers will also have a personal responsibility to follow safety protocols and requirements. We ask that all our travellers check with their local government and the World Health Organization website for the most current information affecting their trip. It is also a travellers’ personal responsibility to ensure they have comprehensive travel insurance that covers travel medical expenses, trip cancellation and interruption.

We sincerely thank you for your continued messages of understanding and support, and look forward to helping you experience the world safely.

The Bestway Tours & Safaris Team