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Cambodia was largely out of bounds to tourists until recently, but now the whole of the country has become accessible. For many travellers, lured by the prospect of little explored and unspoilt regions, Cambodia has become a top destination on Southeast Asia's otherwise well-trodden tourist trail. Most visitors to Cambodia head for the stunning Angkor ruins, a collection of over one hundred temples dating back to the ninth century. Once the seat of power of the Khmer Empire, Angkor is royal extravagance on a grand scale, its imposing features enhanced by the dramatic setting of lush jungle greenery and verdant fields. The complex is acknowledged as the most exquisite example of ancient architecture in Southeast Asia, and has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The flat, sprawling capital of Phnom Penh is also an alluring attraction in its own right. Wide, sweeping boulevards, and elegant, if neglected, French colonial-style facades lend the city a romantic appeal. Miles of unspoilt beaches and remote islands offer sandy seclusion along the southern coastline. The provinces in the northeastern corner of the country, with their hilltribes and volcanic scenery, are also becoming increasingly popular.

Cultural Journey through Siem Reap & Vietnam
Duration:14 days
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Cambodian Classic
Duration:06 days
Cambodia is a come back as a solo stand-alone tourist attraction. The growing publicity on the interesting culture and history is encouraging travelers in pursuit of experiencing culture, history and making friends, to include Cambodia in their bucket list.. Read More >>>
World Heritage Sites of Indochina
Duration:17 days

A Cultural tour of Laos, Vietnam & Cambodia

On this tour we will visit 6 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, exploring Luang Prabang, the Pak Ou Caves and Vientiane in Laos; explore Vietnam’s cultural, the temples, palaces and imperial mausoleums of aristocratic Hue, Hanoi and spectacular Halong Bay, the enticing little town of Hoi An and bustling Saigon.. Read More >>>
Jewels of Vietnam & Cambodia
Duration:15 days
Experience the sublime beauty of Vietnam and Cambodia, visiting Hanoi, spectacular Ha Long Bay, the temples, palaces and imperial mausoleums of aristocratic Hue, the charming little town of Hoi An,.. Read More >>>