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Malaysia is one of the most pleasant, hassle-free countries to visit in South-East Asia. Malaysia's rich cultural heritage is apparent, both in its traditional kampung (village) areas and in its commitment to religious plurality. The dominant cultural force has undoubtedly been Islam, but the country's diverse population of indigenous Malays, Chinese and Indians has spawned a fabulous juxtaposition of mosques, temples and churches, a panoply of festivals and a wonderful mixture of cuisines. In addition, Malaysia boasts fine beaches, as well as some of the world's oldest tropical rainforest and most spectacular cave systems.

Highlights of Singapore & Malaysia
Duration:13 days
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Overland Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand
Duration:12 days

A Cultural tour of Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand

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Brunei & Borneo Escapade
Duration:11 days
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Jungles of Borneo
Duration:12 days
Borneo: Land of caves, rivers, mountains and jungles that are over a million years old. The tribal culture has evolved itself as the independent people of both Sabah and Sarawak continue revering their rainforests, eco systems, longhouses, traditions, culture and hospitality.. Read More >>>