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Discover India with these must-see PICTURES from A BESTWAY traveller
With more than 2,000 ethnic groups and a history spanning back thousands of years, India offers an incomparable travel experience.
Bestway traveller and Oregon media personality Lori Ronlund-Faren had a chance to see the many faces of India this March during an epic 26-day customized tour of North & South India. Arranged by travel agent Jane Purdie of Maritime Travel, this incredible journey covered the cultural highlights of India’s Golden Triangle, the splendour of the world’s oldest living city Varanasi, the luxurious beaches of Goa, the pristine backwaters of Kerala and much more.
Throughout the adventure, Bestway traveller Lori Ronlund-Faren chronicled her incredible experiences. Check out some of her unique photos and videos below!
Lori is a fitness and nutrition expert based in Lake Oswego, Oregon. She is regularly featured on KATU 2 News in Portland. You can find more of Lori on Instagram at @1fitfaren or online at
CALLING ALL WOMEN TRAVELLERS! Lori will soon be hosting another exciting India adventure! Our “Women’s Wellness Journey – Spiritual India with Lori Faren” departs November 2019. Relax during yoga classes alongside ancient monuments, take a street food tour through the culinary capital, view lavish cultural shows, savour traditional Indian cuisine during an intimate cooking class with a local family, admire the legendary Taj Mahal by moonlight and enjoy genuine interactions with the people of India. Throughout our exploration of India’s cultural highlights, Lori will integrate her deep knowledge of health and wellness.
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Bestway Tours & Safaris has 40 years’ experience in providing incredible India journeys.
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