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365 Days to Kick your Bucket List
It is my belief that travelers - especially those who yearn to learn from and of different cultures, people and countries - should emphasize adding in their bucket list, countries that they want to visit in the next year or two. Within that list of countries emphasis should be laid on prioritizing visits to countries that are undergoing major changes (before the changes happen).

In January of 2008, I listed some countries that we felt were in for a major change at that time. Changes that would be of such major impact that these countries would no longer be as we knew them. As you read on, you will see that we failed to see some major changes in the making.

To name a few countries that did see major changes included North African countries like Mali, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, (all a result of the Arab “Spring” – did anybody see that coming?) and Sudan.

In 2011, a new country, Republic of South Sudan was created, making it the newest country in the world.

Across in the Middle East, two of the most important centres of our civilization, Syria and Iraq are in a very sad state – a state that historically we’ve never seen before… Both of these countries are a taboo to visit – and for those who did visit these historical countries certainly did the right thing at the right time. It is sad that our generation has almost wiped out the relics of a whole segment of our civilization. For even after peace returns here, these two countries will never be the same.

Some countries facing major changes include Cuba, North Korea (a must see country), Mongolia (outside of the Gobi), Indonesia's New Guinea (Papua), Maldives, Palestine Territory, Ukraine, etc. These countries, for those who want to see before a non-reversible change takes place, should be in the priority section of your bucket list?

So travelers be aware that the world is changing – whether it is for the good or not –and you can judge best by observing these changes through your own experience, rather than through the eyes of prime time TV. The least we can do is become better educated – with first hand knowledge.

As we have serviced several thousand of travelers across the globe in the past 35 years, Bestway Tours & Safaris is here to assist you with your plans. Let us know about your bucket list and we will make it a reality.

Mahmood Poonja Posted by Mahmood Poonja, Chief Explorer

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