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The Best Cities in Classical Europe
Eastern Europe offers a distinct and varied picture of Europe - one of magnificent castles, majestic palaces, beautiful mountains, rivers, lakes, gardens in addition to a unique variety of distinct cultures and friendly people. These 6 cities provide an enriched understanding of the people, architecture, delicious cuisines and rich medieval and post medieval history making up Eastern Europe.


Vienna’s Ringstrasse, named the most beautiful boulevard in the world, has a dense concentration of representative buildings, palaces and parks. All of Vienna’s historically beautiful buildings have maintained their radiance over many centuries making the city a popular destination for world travelers. The selection of the Ring along Danube Canal has a growing reputation for it’s modern architecture and exciting urban nightlife.

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Budapest, named one of Europe’s most romantic cities, captures both the heart and mind of it’s visitors. The Buda Castle (the Hungarian capital’s first bridge) is a fascinating spectacle that has attracted many tourists to Budapest. Visitors also have the opportunity to walk onto the top of the tunnel located on the Buda side, offering a marvelous view of the Danube, its bridges as well as the nicest parts of Pest.


Situated in southern Poland, Krakow is one of the country’s most ancient cities and it’s former capital is the real pearl in its crown. The city lies next to the Vistula River, which is referred to as the Queen of Polish Rivers. Many inspired artists and writers fall in love with Krakow and if they leave, it’s not long before they are drawn to return again.


Kraków may have the beauty and Gdańsk the seashore, but Warsaw has the culture, the energy and the action. The symbol of the city is the Mermaid, featured on the city seal. Poland’s capital was flattened in WWII and, ever since, the city’s been racing to replace what was lost. After 1989, that pace accelerated, and central Warsaw today has so many booms, cranes and construction sites, you’d think you’d landed in Beijing. This booming city will be popping up on many travel bucketlists over the next few years.

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Prague has been considered as one of the most beautiful cities in the world since the Middle Ages. Located in the heart of Europe, Prague satisfies wanderlust for many seasoned travelers. With it’s awe-inspiring architecture and gothic ambience it’s no wonder that UNESCO deems this 866 hectare city, the largest historic city in the world.

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With attractions ranging from the ruins of the Wall to some of the world’s greatest museums, Berlin has overtaken Rome as a popular tourist destination. The rise of Berlin as a tour destination has been noticeable for the past decade, with guidebooks recommending not just its great sights but also its easy-going culture.

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