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Amongst the most well known yet the least visited country in the world
After nearly a decade, a group of Bestway explorers set foot once again in one of the most well-known, yet least visited countries in the world.
On March 29, 2018 a passionate group of explorers journeyed to the land beyond the veil - the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Though Muslims have been allowed to visit Saudi Arabia to complete the Hajj pilgrimage, the kingdom has been all but closed to non-religious travellers for many years - the exception being government delegations, professionals, people going on job employment visas.
As the birthplace of Islam, Saudi Arabia offers a rich cultural history and spectacular architecture. Bestway’s ground breaking 8-day tour covered highlights of the historical sites in this 12th largest country in the world. It also gave tour-goers a unique opportunity to meet the long isolated Saudi people.
Tour members returned overjoyed to have seen this such a unique and little-visited country. Many had been trying to view life behind the veil for years.
It took nearly a decade since Bestway’s last Saudi Arabia tour in 2007 to obtain visas for this tour. However, those interested in visiting this unique country won’t have to wait nearly as long.
In 2019, we are introducing two small group departures to the Kingdom beyond the veil. This time, the itinerary has been extended to include a stay on the outskirts of Medina, the famous pilgrimage city, the beautiful rock carvings at Jubbah and a high-speed bullet train ride through the desert.
Now is a monumental time to visit this unique kingdom. As the largest country in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia is undergoing a rapid transformation that will greatly impact the lives of its people.
See the full itinerary for this incredible small group journey here. We encourage those who are interested to claim their spot, as space is limited.

Kenya Tanzania Safari with Victoria Falls

Kenya and Tanzania are home to the largest concentration of game life in the world, set against the jaw-dropping classic scenery of the savannah.
Some of our earth’s most well-known game parks call this area home, including Masai Mara (Kenya) and Serengeti (Tanzania), home of the Great Migration of more than 2 million mammals, as well as Amboseli, Ngorongoro and Lake Manyara.
All of these incredible game parks have been combined with the wonder of the world and UNESCO World Heritage Site of Victoria Falls in Zambia and Zimbabwe to create our one-of-a-kind 16-day Kenya Tanzania Safari with Victoria Falls.
These small group departures with no more than 7 people per vehicle have been our most popular safari to date. 2019 departures for this tour, as well as our incredible Great Migration Safari series, have just been announced, so make sure to take a look and book before you miss out!
Click here for details of our Kenya Tanzania Safari with Victoria Falls. 
Take advantage of the early bird specials.

King Mswati III
From Swaziland to Eswatini
"During the exciting and colourful 50/50 celebrations in Swaziland, King Mswati III made an historic announcement that the country's name would change to 'The Swaziland'. Meaning “place of the Swati people”, Eswatini reverts to the siSwati language name for the Kingdom."
Your Bestway Tours & Safaris Team looks forward to assisting you on your next adventure.

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